Job Title:  Assistant to General Manager for Human Resources & Administration

We are currently looking for a dynamic personality that can think inside and outside the box in developing our Human Resource department. We truly believe in the importance of our staff and work culture and are focused on finding and retaining the best employees.

We are planning to become the leading company in sales and quality of services by 2023.


Overall Job Description

The Human Resources & Admin Manager is the highest person responsible for the development of processes and metrics that support the achievement of the organization's Human Resources goals. Will provide consultation on strategic planning with top executives for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. They will be responsible for attracting, motivating, and retaining the most qualified talent by directing the administrative functions of the HR & Admin  department. Will handle employee-related services, regulatory compliance, and employee relations.

Preference  will  be  given  to  candidates  with  work  experience  in  insurance field.


Person Specifications & Attributes

    - Age 35 To 50
    - Excellent in both English &Arabic
    - Performance management
    - Balanced Scorecard outlook
    - High Integrity/ethics
    - Workforce Planning and Employment (recruitment and selection) ...
    - Human Resource Development (training & development) ...
    - Total Rewards (compensation & benefits) ...
    - Procedures & Policy Formulation and implementation
    - Excellent Knowledge of the Sudanese labor law

Core Competencies

    - Critical thinking & problem solving
    - Planning and organizing
    - Excellent management skills
    - Excellent communication skills
    - Talent Management
    - Managing change
    - Teamwork
    - Making working at United interesting

Education & Experience Criteria

    - Bachelor degree – ideal HR or related field
    - MBA (would be ideal)
    - Specialized courses in field
    - 10+ years of experience in the human resource roles
    - 5 years at least Corporate experience in HR





            The Human Resources & Admin Manager is the highest person responsible for the development of
            processes and metrics that support the achievement of the organization's Human Resources goals.
            Will provide consultation on strateg

Development of Human Resource & Administration Department

            - Manning of Human Resource & Admin requirements
            - Developing company culture
            - Retaining the best employees

Scope of Work

            The scope of work for the AGM HR & Admin Manager will include but not be limited to:

                      - Undertake a situation analysis of HR operations to date;
                      - SWOT analysis
                      - Develop SMART Objectives
                      - Through appropriate tool of analysis, identify focus areas and develop Human Resources
                        objectives and key result areas for the same;
                      - Propose a Human Resource strategy for achieving  objectives and key results;
                      - Develop a Results and Resources Framework for the plan period;
                      - Hold stakeholder meeting(s) to validate the draft Strategic Plan;
                      - Develop KPI’s for each employee as well as for Company staff as whole
                      - Finalize Strategic plan and oversee implementation
                      - Consult on Human Resources software development and implementation
                      - Employment of a Human Resource staff that will be responsible for the continuous
                        development and follow up on implementation of Human Resource Plan.

Scope and methodology

            The The scope and focus of the assignment is to recruit the right Manager so as to support and
            enable UI’s targets and goals. Whilst the applicant is at liberty to propose his/her own methodology
            that would adequately result in the expected deliverables outlined in these ToR, the following four
            steps are suggested as a basis for the Human Resources & Admin plan development process.

          Step One: Prepare

                      - Inception meeting(s) with Top Management and Chairman to discuss scope, methodology
                        and timeline;

              Step Two: Review, Assess and Analyze

                      - Participatory process of critical reflection, analysis and consultation (SWOT analysis);
                      - Review of relevant organizational documents (vision, mission statement, theory of change,
                        Vision 20/20, Business Plan, etc.);
                      - interviews with UI members;
                      - Assessment report outlining critical issues, contextual analysis, gaps to be addressed and
                        opportunities to grab.

              Step Three: Define

                      -  Resource & Admin Plan
                      -  Analyze feedback from the different sources (as outlined in step - 2);
                      -  Formulate strategic framework - guided by the following questions:
                              -  What does UI want to achieve during this timeline?
                               -  How would UI work to deliver its goals?
                               -  What might go wrong for UI? And how would UI avoid this?
                               -  How will UI know when we get there? (measure of success)
                               -  How will UI monitor lessons learnt and integrate that learning into successive
                                   plans and strategies (Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, MEL)?

              Step Four: Agree finalizing, endorsing and disseminating the new strategic framework

                      -   Draft the text around the key objectives;
                      -  consult widely on draft new strategic framework;
                      -  The UI Board formally approves the final document;
                      -  Dissemination and implementation across UI network.Analyze


    - A Two year Human Resource & Admin plan including a results and resources framework
    - Clear Action Plan with deliverables, time and budget
    - Implementation of new Human Resources & Admin Software
    - Training Programs
    - Development of Job descriptions
    - Development of KPI’s
    - Balanced Scorecard matrix

Time Span

            This assignment (phase 1) is expected to be carried out as soon as possible and in agreement from
            both sides.

Application Process

            Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the

              - Detailed Curriculum Vitae
              - Proposal for implementing the assignment
              - Similar projects completed and references

 Please quote “Human Resources Plan United Insurance” on the subject line.
Applications should be emailed to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND
to reach us not later than


Company Background
United Insurance is celebrating its 52nd birthday next year and is embarking on a new journey of development. As of 1st Quarter of 2020 we will have a new international ERP Software installed and will focus on the development of our policies and procedures. We are also hoping by the end of the year to have international level consultants that will help us in improving our standards and quality so that by 2021 we will be able to receive ISO certification as well as International Ratings.

    - To be recognized by our customers, vendors, and employees as the industry leader in everything we do

    - To provide innovative ethical insurance solutions with personalized services which exceed Customers expectations.
       We are here for our customers; employees; and shareholders; partnering with them to find the best solution for current
       needs and future aspirations.

    - We are committed to excelling in what we, do with our people offering the best in planning and execution.
    - We value long term relationship with all our stakeholders.
    - We believe in transparency, honesty and fairness..

Strategic Objectives:
    - To have in place a workforce that is even more competent, committed, and visionary by 2023
    - To develop and implement recruitment and retention of the best employee by 2023
    - To diversify and expand in investment services offered by partnering with Strategic institutions by 2023
    - To focus on products with high social impact and increasing insurance penetration


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