Corporate Governance Report

United Insurance is committed to good principles of Corporate Governance. We adhere to responsible company management and control with specific focus on long term creation of wealth, continued value addition to our shareholders and policyholders and recognition of our other stakeholders. We place critical importance on promoting and respecting the interests of both our shareholders & policyholders by utilizing efficient supervisory practices at all decision levels and a communication policy that is open and transparent both internally & externally.


Corporate Governance Standards

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the Company and is constituted by the shareholders. All powers of the company are vested in the General Assembly.


Policyholder Assembly

The Policyholder Assembly is constituted by all the customers of the company in a given year. It is the organ of the company that approves the financial documents and approves Surplus distribution, it also elects a representative to have a non- executive Board Position.


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The United Insurance Tower is the First Partnership Investment Between Shareholders & Policyholders.
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