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Current Shareholders

• Khalil Osman Investment Co 
• Estate of Contimochles Family
• Estate of late Sayed Doaud El Khalifa
• Estate of late Hamid Humeida Family
• Estate of late Aziz Kafouri& Sons Ltd
• Estate of late Ziada Arbab
• Seif El Dowla Hag Alsafi
• Estate of late Hashim & late Rashid Elberier
• Estate of late Mohammed Daud El Khalifa
• Estate of late Yahia El-Mahdi
• Estate of late Bushra El Mahdi & Abdelkhaliq Abdullah
• El Bereir Engineering Company
• Sennar Grinding Company

• Estate of late Seif Din Yousif

Ownership History

United Insurance was founded on the 29th of December, 1968 by the following founding Fathers:

• Mr. Eleftheri Contomichalos
Mr. Daud El- Khalifa Abdullahi
Mr. Hamid Humeida
Mr. Yahia Abdelrahman El Mahdi
Mr. Ziada Arbab

United Insurance started operations on the 26th of January, 1969 with the following shareholders

• Dr. Khalil Osman        
• Sennar Grinding Company  
• Contimochlos Company      
Mr. Doaud El Khalifa Abdullahi
Mr. Hamid Humeida 
• El Berier Enginering Company
Mr. Abdel Gadir Hag Alsafi
Mr. Yahia El-Mahdi
Mr. Mohammed Daud El Khalifa
Mr. Ziada Arbab
• Aziz Kafouri & Sons Ltd
• Dr. El Fadil El Bushra El-Mahdi

The following members were added during the past 50 years

• 2020    Mr. Abdelkhaliq Abdullah
• 2012    Mr. Mohammed Abdin
• 2011    Elberier Engineering Company
• 1987    Mr. Seif Din Yousif
• 1978    Mr. Hashim & Mr. El-Rashid
• 1976    Mr. Bushra & Mr. Bahadin El Mahdi

New item
The United Insurance Tower is the First Partnership Investment Between Shareholders & Policyholders.
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Download & View the Takaful Summit 2016 Program
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