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Before more than four decades a homogenous group of Sudanese business men established the united insurance company in order to serve their business and to promote insurance industry in Sudan. They made use of the presence of foreign expertise and international relations amongst them. That is in addition to their ties with a British insurance market which secured boulevard start and steady steps supported with dedicated staff who looks after its promotion and taking it to new horizons, the flowing are original promoters and or their heirs who are now taking care of the company:      

     -  Khalil Osman Investment Company.
     -  Contomichalos Family.
     -  Sennar Ginning Co.
     -  Heirs of Late Hamid Hummeida Sulieman.
     -  Heirs of Late Daoud El Khalifa Abduallahi.
     -  Aziz Kfouri Co. Ltd.
     -  El Rasheed & Hashim El Berier.
     -  Sayed, Seif El Dowla Abdel Gadir Haj El Safi.
     -  Heirs of Late Sayed,Mohamed Daoud El Khalifa.
     -  Mohamed Abdin Babiker & Heirs of El Bushra El Fadil El Mahadi.
     -  Heirs of Late Yahia El Mahadi.
     -  Heirs of Late Ziada Arbab.
     -  Heirs of Late Seif El Din Yousif Ali.
     -  Elbrier Engineering.



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The United Insurance Tower is the First Partnership Investment Between Shareholders & Policyholders.
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Download & View the Takaful Summit 2016 Program
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