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UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN) has set its strategy in order to realize it’s short, mid& and long term objectives. The company works hard to fulfill its vision that aims to satisfy the needs and aspirations of its customers, by adopting a number of elements transformed into shared objectives, it plans to repeat in the present and future the great success it achieved in the past, in addition to attracting and retaining the best and most qualified staff.

The company s strategy is based upon:

  • Speed and quality of the offered services
  • Special care of small and medium enterprises
  • Excellence and diversification of the insurance services offered
  • Recruitment of highly-qualified staff with vast knowledge
  • Exceeding the customers’ expectations and settlement of their claims rapidly
  • Carefulness in the accuracy of documents and speed of delivery
  • Consistent revision of the insurance documents and programs to ensure the best possible service
  • Maintaining constant open communication with its customers.


UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN) vision comprises of proper planning of future goals benefitting from the accelerating and expected growth of the insurance sector in Sudan. It endeavors to realize and achieve the desired results in the interest of its shareholders, employees, customers and the insurance sector, in general.

UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN) aims to be the leading provider of innovative and customized Takaful Solutions backed by strong financial assets and human resources expertise.


UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN)  mission is to offer insurance products and services that provide quality protection at fair prices through successful partnerships with its customers, employees, agents, brokers and insurance affiliates and to make sure that the overall interests and of all stakeholders is respected.

Motor Comprehensive

Under the motor insurance policy, the Company indemnifies the insured as under;


The Company undertakes to indemnify the insured for loss of or damage to the insured vehicle, its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon;

  • By accident or accidental collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or consequent upon wear and tear.
  • By fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or thunderbolt.
  • By burglary or theft.
  • By malicious act of any third party.
  • Whilst being in transit (including the process of loading and unloading incidental to such transit) by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator, relating to the said transportation.


  • Against Third Party Liability.

The company shall compensate the insured in the event of an accident caused by or arising out of the use of the motor vehicle, subject to the limits specified in this policy, against all sums which the insured shall become legally liable to pay as compensation for:

  • Death or bodily injury to any person including the passengers in the vehicles except the insured or the driver at the time of the accident and their families spouse, parents and children and the employees of the insured if they are injured during the working hours or as a result of their work.

  • Damages for materials and property, except those owned by the insured or the driver at the time of the accident or property held in trust or in their custody or control.

THE UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN)   aims to acquire a major market share of the insurance sector, both in the commercial and personal lines. It focuses mainly on the insurance services and requirements of companies and factories, commercial enterprises, and the SME,s as well as individuals in the fields of Marine, Inland &air shipments, fire, vehicles, home insurance, medical insurance and personal accidents.

Value Statements

  • We are committed to follow UNITED INSURANCE principles in conducting our business.
  • We are customer focused, aiming to provide highest quality of service against international benchmark.
  • We are committed to apply highest ethical standards in dealing with all stakeholders. We are guided by the ethical principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness.
  • We aim to achieve operational excellence to maximize stakeholders value.
  • We aim to create a professional and open environment where employees’ contributions are recognized, valued and rewarded.
  • We encourage and support employees to undertake initiatives leading to their professional development and growth within the company.
  • We are investing in our employees to the best of our capabilities.

Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

Businesses are prone to unforeseen losses. These losses can lead a flourishing business into disaster due to the loss of property, stocks, machinery, tools and facilities, ultimately wiping out the capital and causing consequential losses. Monetary relief is essential in re-building / restoring the damaged property. Fire insurance cover plays a vital role in safeguarding the financial interests of an enterprise.



The fire insurance policy covers immovable and movable property; buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings, contents, stocks / stock in process, raw material, goods held in trust or in commission, including stocks at suppliers / customer’s premises, machinery temporarily removed from the premises for repairs due to loss or damage by fire or due to any of the perils mentioned hereunder;

  • Fire and lightning
  • Explosion of gas for domestic use
  • Cyclones and storms and floods
  • Burst overhead water tanks and pipes
  • Damage by rain
  • Vehicle Collision
  • Fall of aircraft and falling objects, including
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Robbery
  • Riots and unrest

In the case of a partial loss, payments for repairs or replacement are made. In case of a policy with a reinstatement value clause, the cost of reinstatement will be paid on completion of reinstatement, subject to an overall limit of the sum insured. The insurance company, at its discretion, may repair or replace the affected property instead of paying for the cost of restoration.

Premiums are based on the type of occupancy, physical features, value at risk, requirement of additional covers & information provided on a completed proposal form. there are a number of exceptions and exclusions, which are part of the policy terms & conditions. Our technical staff will always be ready to assist you should you require additional information or further clarification.

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