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Erection All Risks Insurance

Erection All Risks Insurance [EAR] protects the interests of principals and contractors involved in erection of Plants, Machinery, Heavy Equipments etc, against their exposure to loss, damage or liability by various external and internal causes during the course of erection.


Physical Loss or Damage: This Section provides coverage for losses and / or damages to materials and erection works owned by principals and contractors / subcontractors against;

- Accidental damage during construction.
- Fire, lightning.
- Water damage, flood, storm and tempest.
- Collapse, collision, impact, burglary, theft and malicious damage, aircraft.
- Breakdown or explosion to any part of the contract.
- Consequent damages due to defects in material casting, workmanship & design.
- Riot, strike, subsidence, landslide, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, and volcanic eruptions.

Section- 2

Third Party Legal Liability: This section provides indemnity to the third party due to the Legal liability of the insured (subject to the limits under the policy) resulting from negligence of the insured or his employees causing;

- Accidental bodily injury &/or death to third parties (Not members of the insured’s family or their employees)
- Accidental damage to property (excluding property belonging to or in the custody or under the control of the Insured, his family members or his employees), and
- Legal expenses for defending any proceedings with Insurer’s consent.

Maintenance Period Risks: After the Erection works, including testing and commissioning, covered under the EAR policy has been completed, maintenance period cover comes to effect. During this period the cover is against any loss &/or damage that occurs in the course of the compliance with the maintenance obligation under the contract.

The premium is calculated on the total erection value of the contract and is based on factors such as duration of contract, nature, location of project site, period of erection, experience of the erectors etc.


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