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Fire insurance cover plays a vital role in safeguarding the financial interests of an enterprise by protecting businesses to unforeseen losses. Fire is a grave risk as these losses can lead a flourishing business into disaster due to the loss of property, stocks, machinery, tools and facilities, ultimately wiping out the capital and causing consequential losses.

Monetary relief is essential in re-building / restoring the damaged property. With the recent fires at Salomi or Moawia El Berier Group of companies or even the great fire of Kenana in 2011 we have been at the forefront of providing insurance services



The fire insurance policy covers immovable and movable property; buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings, contents, stocks / stock in process, raw material, goods held in trust or in commission, including stocks at suppliers / customer’s premises, machinery temporarily removed from the premises for repairs due to loss or damage by fire or due to any of the perils mentioned hereunder;

• Lightning.
• Explosion / implosion.
• Aircraft and articles dropped there from.
• Impact damage due to rail/road or animal.
• Riot strike, malicious damage.
• Subsidence and land slide.
• Storm, cyclone, flood and inundation.
• Sprinkler leakage.
• Overflow, leakage of water tanks, pipes, etc.

In the case of a partial loss, payments for repairs or replacement are made. In case of a policy with a reinstatement value clause, the cost of reinstatement will be paid on completion of reinstatement, subject to an overall limit of the sum insured. The insurance company, at its discretion, may repair or replace the affected property instead of paying for the cost of restoration.

Premiums are based on the type of occupancy, physical features, value at risk, requirement of additional covers & information provided on a completed proposal form. there are a number of exceptions and exclusions, which are part of the policy terms & conditions. Our technical staff will always be ready to assist you should you require additional information or further clarification.

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Branch Network
In addition to our Head Office in at the heart of Khartoum, we have an extensive network of branches to serve your insurance needs conveniently located throughout the Country.
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Medical Network
Our extensive network of quality medical providers, including pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and dentists, across the country.
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Auto Repair Network
Our comprehensive vehicle repair network ensures that all vehicles are inspected and repaired by a team of expert mechanics. So you can be reassured that their vehicle will be repaired in a location that is convenient to them.
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The United Insurance Tower is the First Partnership Investment Between Shareholders & Policyholders.
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Download & View the Takaful Summit 2016 Program
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