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A stand-alone insurance against physical loss or damage to the insured’s properties or cargo i.e. (Inland Transit) because of an act or series of acts, including the use of force or violence for political, religious or ideological purposes.

Political Violence cover includes losses resulting from:

• Terrorism and Sabotage
• Strikes
• Riots
• Civil commotion
• Malicious damage
• Mutiny
• Rebellion
• Insurrection
• Coup d’état
• War
• Civil War
• Revolution

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Branch Network
In addition to our Head Office in at the heart of Khartoum, we have an extensive network of branches to serve your insurance needs conveniently located throughout the Country.
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Medical Network
Our extensive network of quality medical providers, including pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and dentists, across the country.
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Auto Repair Network
Our comprehensive vehicle repair network ensures that all vehicles are inspected and repaired by a team of expert mechanics. So you can be reassured that their vehicle will be repaired in a location that is convenient to them.
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The United Insurance Tower is the First Partnership Investment Between Shareholders & Policyholders.
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Download & View the Takaful Summit 2016 Program
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